Yamacraw 10k Detailed Course Description

Race Start to Gorge Overlook Aid Station (0 – 3.4 Miles):

  • The 10k course is a loop that follows the Blue Heron Loop Trail at Blue Heron Mining Community located in Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. (The 10k starts and finishes at the same location.)
  • The race starts on paved greenway for 400 yards passing the old rail bridge and Blue Heron mine shaft.
  • Just as the greenway is about to make a sharp turn back towards the parking lot, runners will leave the greenway and enter single track trail. The trail turns right and immediately begins ascending over the mining community.
  • For the next 0.7 miles, the trail ascends quickly over technical terrain that includes rock beds, steep wooden stairs, bridges, switchbacks, and rock stairs.
  • At 0.6 miles runners will reach and pass through ‘Crack in the Rocks,’ a unique bolder formation with a cave-like passage and a set wooden stairs that crosses a boulder pile. The trail exits to the left out of Crack in the Rocks.
  • After exiting Crack in the Rocks, runners will quickly come to a large and steep wooden staircase with over 80 steps.
  • From here, the trail continues to climb gradually for the next quarter of a mile or so until it reaches a paved greenway at mile 1.25 where runners will be guided by course markings to stay right at the fork.
  • The trail picks back up on the left after approximately 200 yards on the paved greenway.
  • For the next 1.5 miles the course is rolling as it gradually ascends on manicured single track until reaching another wooden stairs climb at mile 2.82. Runners will turn right at the top of the stairs.
  • The final .5 miles or so before the runners reach the aid station is primarily rolling to flat well manicured trails.

Gorge Overlook Aid Station to Blue Heron Mining Community (3.4 – 6.3 Miles):

  • From the aid station, the course quickly begins descending with winding switchbacks taking runners underneath rock overhangs and down two steep wooden stair ladders.
  • At mile 4.3, after coming off the second ladder, runners will turn right on the connecting trail and then take an immediate left. The trail opens up a bit and continues to descend rapidly towards the river.
  • The next 0.7 mile includes some rolling trail along the river but then turns away from the river, up a set of rock stairs, crossing a two wooden bridges, and eventually has runners traversing a short but technical rock bed until reaching an intersecting horse trail at around mile 5.16.
  • Runners will turn left onto horse trail and immediately cross a creek with a cascading waterfall on the right. Runners will stay on the horse trail for .22 miles. This section is relatively flat but can be fairly sloppy and wet.
  • The course turns left off the horse trail around mile 5.38 down a very steep and narrow wooden ladder. Runners should use caution on all ladders but this one can be particularly difficult to descend.
  • From the ladder, runners will continue to descend through an open field area working their way back to the river.
  • At approximately mile 5.6 runners will turn left following course markings and signs towards Devil’s Jump.
  • The final section of the course is mostly flat and stays along the river. It also includes a moderately technical rock bed.
  • Following signs to the finish, runners will take a slight right up a short hill followed by a left at the top of the hill which will lead them back to the Start/Finish of the Yamacraw 10k.
Elevation Gain
Elevation Loss